Secure Your Back Door

Having a secure back door is more important than having
secure front door. Why?


Because burglars often target the back door to break into a property, as it’s out of site, usually in the dark due to no street lighting and homeowners have over the years chosen cheaper inferior options for their back doors, spending more on their front door instead.


For complete safety and peace of mind, a Rockdoor back door is a must.


Choosing a Rockdoor for your home makes a statement

It says as much about your individuality and personality as it does about quality and durability; the entrance to your home is as much about security as it is about style!


Neil Billington – Approved Rockdoor Installer

Protect your Home & Family

Without a Rockdoor installed on your house, you and your family are at high risk of burglary


70% of burglaries are through doors, and the vast majority of these are through the back door.


Ask yourself, upon hearing a noise in the night, would you go towards the front door or back door to investigate?


Neil Billington UPVC, not only provide composite doors using the best materials, they also have the latest in locks, art decoration and framing. Rockdoor doors have been specifically designed to keep you secure and warm and offer a huge range of benefits over traditional timber doors.


Neil Billington – Approved Rockdoor Installer

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